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Back to Top | PermalinkConcession Equipment/Supplies
Butane Fuel For Butane Burner
$6.95 to rent
Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain
$22.00 per 2lbs
$22.00 to rent
Cotton Candy Cones 50/Pkg
$5.00 to rent
Cotton Candy Machine
$10.00ea for Pink or Blue Mix
$65.00 to rent
Cotton candy mix per box (approx 50 cones)
Pink or Blue
$12.50 to rent
Fountain Chocolate Large
$150.00 to rent
Popcorn 6 Servings/Pkg
$2.50 to rent
Popcorn Bags 50/Pkg
$5.00 to rent
Popcorn Popper, Old Fashioned
Cart not included
$65.00 to rent
Sno Cone Syrup Gallon (Approx. 60 Cones)
Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime
$15.95 to rent
Sno Cones 50/Pkg
$5.00 to rent
Snow Cone Machine
Syrup $12.00ea for a Gallon. Call for Flavors
$65.00 to rent
Snow Cone Pump (FOR SALE ONLY)
$6.00 to rent
Back to Top | PermalinkShindigs Retail Store
Candle Votive Cups Glass 9 Hr
$1.50 to buy
Flea Market China (6pc)
$80.00 to buy
Glass Bottle Vase-8.5oz Cobalt Blue
$2.00 to buy
Glass Drop Bottle Vase-8oz Lime Green
$2.00 to buy
Glass Roma Bottle Vase-8.5oz Lime Green
$2.00 to buy
Hobnail Jar Glass 4"x5"
$3.50 to buy
Hobnail Jar Glass 4"x7.5"
$8.00 to buy
$23.90 to buy
Wine Bottle Stopper with LED String
Bottle Not Included
$7.50 to buy